Travel Insurance

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Travel Insurance Advantage

Wide range of policies including student travel, senior citizen travel, and plans for specific countries.
Compare quotes and get policy instantly online with minimal paperwork and documentation. Save both time & money.
An annual multi-trip policy can be taken for frequent travelers. Plan is cost effective and administratively easy to manage.
Enjoy international travel assistance support for any kind of query, claim settlement and other relevant information pertaining to the policy.

Why Claims Get Rejected?

Intoxication & Drugs
Claims against injury or accident caused under the effect of alcohol or drugs use will be subject to rejection.

Participation In Extreme Sports
If the cause of injury or accident is because of participation in any extreme sport like skiing, mountain climbing etc., claims in such cases will not be entertained. You must check with your insurer about this at the time of taking the policy.

Involvement In Criminal Act
Involvement in any kind of insidious act will cease the benefit of your travel insurance policy against emergency hospitalization for injury or accident etc.