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Top Up Health Insurance
Top Up Health Insurance

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Advantages of Top Up Health Insurance

Top up health insurance policy offers floater benefit to cover the insured and its dependents for the same sum insured under the single policy. This is relatively cost-effective as a group discount is available under the policy.
Top up health insurance plan offers restoration benefit means your sum insured will be reset up to 100% if it gets exhausted due to the treatment of any illness. Hence the basic sum insured will automatically get reinstated after claim.
Pre-existing diseases such as high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, and chronic health problems are covered under the policy immediately after the 12 months of continuous coverage after the issuance of the first policy.
Health insurance top up plan offers you a cashless claim facility wherein insurer will pay the hospitalisation expenses directly to the hospital, hence offering you a financial cushioning in case of emergency.

Benefits of Top Up Health Insurance

Pre and Post-hospitalisation Covered
- Post hospitalisation expenses such as the regular visit to doctors, medication expenses, and follow-up examinations to be made is covered under the policy. These expenses are covered up to 60 days after hospitalisation. - The policy covers medical expense incurred before hospitalisation up to 30 days. - Medical expenses incurred by an insured during the domiciliary hospitalisation is also covered.

Wide Range of Coverage
- Apart from basic cover, this policy will pay for inpatient treatments, AYUSH treatment, expenses incurred by organ donor and domiciliary hospitalisation expenses. Cost of medicine is also covered up to the specified limits. - No capping on expenses like hospital room rents, doctor fees and other sub-limits in policy. - More than 170 day-care treatments conducted are also covered under the policy.

Lower Cost
- Top-up health insurance policy comes at a lower premium and at the same time offers higher sum insured. The price is low because of the certain deductible amount. This means that the claim above this amount will be paid by the insurance. - No pre-policy medical test is required up to the age of 55 years if there are no pre-existing ailments. - Tax deduction benefit is also available on the top-up health insurance premium.