Our company

About Infinibux Investments Pvt. Ltd.

Infinibux Investments Pvt. Ltd. is a comprehensive financial planning firm focused on attaining the personal financial goals. A team of Infinibux Investments is available to help lift the burden from you by providing expert advice, prudent solutions and comprehensive financial services.

Once you have a financial plan, we can then begin to take action on the strategies and tactics outlined in the plan that move us toward achieving our desired goals in life.

For the phases of your financial life, we help you to conceptualize wealth management as following ways:

  • • To accumulate your wealth, in way of construction of a solid, financial base to pursue your financial objectives and to distribute your assets according to your wishes.
  • • • To protect your wealth by creating strategy aimed at preserving your assets from quite severe due to unexpected expenses, inflation, market decline, and taxes.
  • •• Tax-advantaged distribution of wealth to develop a sophisticated tax management plan to enhance your asset base by minimizing your tax burden.
  • •• The tax-advantaged distribution of wealth at death by planning for the distribution of your assets at death—to whom you want, when you want, and at the lowest possible cost.